Heavy Duty 45 Degree Roll Shutter Hood End Caps
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45 Degree Hood End Caps HD

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HEAVY DUTY 45 Degree Hood End Caps for Roll Shutters,  sold by the pair Left and Right.

Cast Aluminum. 4 sizes only.

Colors and Sizes Available:

White• Bronze • Ivory • Beige • Mill Finish/Silver


7" Heavy Duty End Cap 180 mm - Small Leg

8" Heavy Duty End Cap 205 mm - Small Leg

8" Heavy Duty End Cap 205mm - Large Leg 

10" Heavy Duty End Cap 250 mm - Large Leg


45° End Caps: LARGE LEG (sold by the pair)


Large Leg, as opposed to Small Leg, is the difference in the Width of the leg, not the length. Large Leg is 1 1/4" wide for 8"  to 14" end caps only, Small Leg is 15/16" wide for 5" to 10" end caps only.


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