Accordion Shutter Track Cover inserts
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Accordion Track Cover Insert

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Accordion Shutter Track Covers, Colored Vinyl Inserts that snap into the track to keep dirt and leaves out. 4 Colors, each 4 Feet Long. Made by BERTHA®. UV Resistant, will last for years. 


Select Color; WHITE, IVORY, BEIGE, or BRONZE. 

Select Total Piece Set Desired; 2 , 4 , 6, or 12, then Quantity 1,.. or Quantity 2 to Double the pieces.


Accordion Shutter Track Covers are 1" wide on top by 4 feet long, and fit in all standard 3/4" to 1/2"  track slots tightly. Easily cuts with a razor knife or hacksaw to fit it to size, put two together for longer track lengths.

Shipped Priority Mail 1-3 Days.

**If you have felt brush strips inside your track these covers may damage or flatten them, and/or these covers may not fit being too tight.


All colors are manufactured in 8 foot lengths, but I cut these in half and offer them in 4' size only, if you want the full length you must Pick It Up at the Warehouse, call for Cash price and appointment.

So sorry, we must charge for shipping on this, the odd box costs double than regular stuff



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