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Hurricane Shutter Hardware and Specialty Parts for all type shutters like Bahama, Colonial, Accordion, Storm Panels, and Roll Shutters.

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Panelmate Female Inserts Panelmate Plus Anchors for Wood
Panelmate Female InsertPanelmate Plus Anchors

Panelmate Female Insert Anchors for Concrete, includes Bonded Washers, 2 sizes, choose Total Pieces desired. Needs a 5/16" Hex Driver to install. 

Panelmate Plus Anchors, made of 18-8 Stainless Steel, for Wood Applications



Panelmate Pro Anchors 2.25 inch Panelmate Female Anchors for Concrete, Block, or Wood
Panelmate Pro Anchors 2.25Panelmate Female Anchors

Panelmate Pro Anchors 2.25", 2 Stud Sizes, Choose total Pieces desired, Made of Carbon Steel with Silver Stalguard Coating. For Concrete or Cement Block.

Panelmate Female Anchors, 4 sizes, select Total Pieces Desired. These have a 1/4-20 threaded hole, and a 5/16" Hex Driver is needed 



Panelmate Insert Driver, for Female Panelmate Anchors Panelmate Pro Male Anchors
Panelmate Insert DriverPanelmate Pro Male Anchors

Panelmate Insert Driver Power Bit, for Female type Panelmate Anchors, 5/16" Hex, 3" Long hardened Steel. 

Panelmate Pro Male Anchors, Stainless Steel with Silver Stalguard Coating, 14 x 1 3/4", with 1/4-20 x 1/2" threaded hole. Needs a 3/8" Hex Socket to screw in.



Push In Screw Plug Rapidset Tool for Lead Anchors
Push In Screw PlugRapid Set Tool for Anchors

Push In Screw Plugs, White Nylon, for Panelmate Pro Female Anchors, they Push in but need a Screwdriver to remove, can be used as an Automotive clip,.. 2 Sizes

Rapidset Tool for Lead Anchors, Professional Model, not a punch its a threaded power bit that screws the anchor to set it in place, for 1/4-20 size threads. 2 Sizes.



Recessed Bushings for Shutters 60mm Reel Tube for Roll Shutters
Recessed Nylon BushingsReel Tube 60MM, Aluminum

Recessed Bushings for Hurricane Shutter Screws, covers the head of the screw, 6 sizes to select from, White only. UV Resistant.

Reel Tube 60mm, Aluminum mill finish, Round 2.365 ID, Choose desired length.



Reel Tube 70mm for Roll Shutter Motors TINDER Relay - Isolation Control
Reel Tube 70MM, AluminumRelay - Isolation Control

Reel Tube 70MM, Aluminum, For Roll Shutter Motors and Slats, Heavy Duty 0.215 Thickness, 3" round Outside with Octagonal Hex inside.

Relay-Isolation Control, for 2 switches on 1 motor, for Roll Shutters. SPECIAL ORDER. Relay/Isolation Control Made by TINDER®



Roll Shutter Toggle Switches Screw Anchor Expander for Hollow Walls
Roll Shutter Toggle SwitchesScrew Anchor Expander

Toggle Switch for Roll Shutters, Single Pole, 20A, choose Maintained or Momentary, select White or Ivory



Screw Anchor Expander for Hollow Walls and Concrete Blocks, Made by GREENLEE, 1/4-20 Masonry, Made in USA of Hardened Alloy Steel.



Screw Protectors, White Nylon Caps SDS Tapcon Bit Adapter
Screw ProtectorsSDS TAPCON Bit Adapter

Screw Protectors for Panelmate Pro Anchors, White Nylon Caps, UV Resistant, 1 1/8" Long, or use for any 1/4-20 size thread screw or bolt.

SDS TAPCON Bit Adapter, comes with the allen wrench.



Setting Tool for Lead Anchors Sidewalk Bolt Power Bit
Setting Tool for Lead AnchorsSidewalk Bolt Power Bit

Lead Anchor Setting Tool, 6 inch model, used to set anchors in place by spreading the head without stripping the threads, made for...

Sidewalk Bolt Power Bit, works for both Combo and Slotted Sidewalk Bolts. Beveled Spring Loaded Sheath. Bit is 4" long, made of High Strength Carbon Steel,..



Gear Plate for SIMU 1424 SIMU Idler Cap for Roll Shutters
SIMU 1424 Gear Plate BracketSIMU Idler Cap

Gear Plate Bracket for the SIMU 1424 Gear, 100MM Square (4 inches). Screws, Gear, and Connector not included. Made of Hardened Steel.

SIMU Idler Cap, 60mm or 70mm, both sizes will fit with the SIMU Spring Support Plate.



SIMU Keychain Remote Control Hz Transmitter SIMU Roll Shutter Motor T6
SIMU Keychain TransmitterSIMU Standard Motors Type 6

Hz Keychain Transmitter Remote Control, 4 Channel, by SIMU, for SIMU brand Motors and receivers.

SIMU Roll Shutter Tubular Motor Kit, Standard or With Overide, Type 6, 100Nm, 14RPM, 120V, 60Hz, 246-358Lbs. Crowns, Drives, and Brackets Included



SIMU Spring Support Plate Single Axle Fender
SIMU Spring Support PlateSingle Axle Fender

SIMU Spring Support Plate with Retainer Clip, 100mm x 100mm = 4" Square

Single Axle Fender, made with .100 Tread Brite Diamond Plate Metal, 5 styles to choose from. Single Axle Fender,...



Slat Cylinder Lock Slat Hanger 40mm for Roll Shutter Doors
Slat Cylinder LockSlat Hanger 40mm

Slat Cylinder Lock , 40mm Base, for Roll Shutters, Garages, and other applications, High Security Lock, comes with 2 keys...

40MM Slat Hanger for Roll Shutters, Replacement Straps, choose from 4 pieces to 50. All Aluminum.



Slat Hanger for 55mm, 58mm, and 60mm Roll Shutter Slat Lock Guide 40mm
Slat Hanger 55MM, 58MM, 60MMSlat Lock Guide 40MM

Slat Hanger for 55MM, 58MM, and 60MM Roll Shutters. Tube Straps. 7 1/2" x 3/4" strap length, 4" x 1 1/8" clip length. Choose from 4 straps to 50.

Slat Lock Guide 40MM, 2 piece Left and Right Set, Hard Black Nylon, for Roll Shutters. Made by BERTHA®. 40mm Slat Lock Glide is 1 7/8" Top Length,..



Slat Lock Guide 58mm for Roll Shutter Slat Lock Guide 40mm Left and Right
Slat Lock Glide 58MMER Slat Lock Guide 40MM

Slat Lock Glide 58MM for Roll Shutters, Black Nylon. They are 2 5/8" Long by 1/2" Wide ends, holes are spaced 1 5/8" on center. 

End Retention Slat Lock Guides 40mm, Black, Left and Right piece is one Piece, select Total Pieces Desired



Roll Shutter Slat Track Felt Sliding Window Roller Repair Kit
Slat Track FeltSliding Window Roller Repair Kit

Track Felt for Roll Shutter Slats, Black .320 or Grey .160 thick, made by BERTHA. Black .320 thick is considered the Universal Replacement, 

Sliding Window Roller Repair Kit, Contains 2 Wheel Assemblies, 2 Rubber Stops, 2 Spanner Wrenches, and 2 Spring Rods. All Stainless Steel hardware.



Snap Track Shutter Holdback Clip HV Snap Track End Cap
Shutter Holdback ClipSnap Track End Cap

Snap Track Cap Holdback Clip for Accordion shutters, UNIVERSAL, 3 Sizes to choose. Made of Tough Nylon to last years. Also Choose...

HV Snap Track Cap End Plate, for HV Studded Plate with Cover, By BERTHA 

Order 4 clips to 100.



SOMFY MYLINK Home Automation System Spanner Wrench Set
SOMFY MYLINK Home AutomationSpanner Wrench Set

Somfy Mylink Home Automation System. Turn your Smartphone or Tablet into a Remote Control, for SOMFY or SIMU Shutters or Blinds. Program up to 16 Channels.

Spanner Wrench Set for Windows and more. You get 2 Different Size Spanner Wrenches per Quantity ordered. Made of thick 4mm Steel, 



Roll Shutter Spring Support Plate Studded Angle Track for Storm Panels
Spring Support PlateStudded Angle Track 6 inch

Spring Support Plate for all our Assist Springs, 4" Square (100mm x 100mm), with retainer screw and nut, includes mounting screws.

Studded Angle Track for Storm Panels, 6"OC, Choose Total Length, Choose White or Bronze. The Studs are 1/4-20 Thread x 3/4" Long.



HV Studded Track Plate and Cover Low Profile Studded Track
HV Studded Track PlateStudded Track, Low Profile

HV Studded Track Plate and Cover, 6 or 12 inch on center, for use with Storm Panels. Choose desired Length. Aluminum. White only.

Low Profile Studded Track, should only be used in narrow walkways, White Only, 6 inch or 12 inch Stud Spacing. Choose Length. BERTHA



Studless Angle Track for Storm Panels 1 inch Studless Buildout Track for Storm Panels
Studless Angle F TrackStudless Buildout Track 1 inch

Studless Angle Track for Storm Panels, 90 Degree, White or Bronze, Choose Lengths up to 20 feet, made by BERTHA. 

Studless Buildout Track, 1 inch, made by BERTHA, White or Bronze, Choose Lengths up to 20 feet.



Studless Flat Track for Shutter Panels Studless Reverse F-Track for Storm Panels
Studless Flat F TrackStudless Reverse F Track

Studless Flat F Track for Storm Panels, White or Bronze, Choose Length. Made by BERTHA, Requires Track Bolts sold seperately, 1 3/4" wide x 3/8" height

Studless Reverse F Track for Storm Panels, Choose sizes from 1.5 feet to 20 feet, White Only, made by BERTHA



Tandem Axle Fender Tapcon Anchors
Tandem Axle FenderTapcon Anchors

Tandem Axle Fender, Diamond Tread Brite Fenders .001 Thick, 4 sizes to choose from. You must arrange for pick-up.

Tapcon Anchors, Storm Guard, Carbon Steel with Ultra Shield, 2 Sizes, a High Performance Anchor for direct mount panels to Wood, Concrete,...



Tear Drop Fender, Diamond Plate Tear Drop Fender Insert
Tear Drop FenderTear Drop Fender Insert

Tear Drop Fender, Tread Brite Diamond Plate .001 Thick, 2 sizes to choose from. We do not ship this item, you must arrange for pick-up in Lake Worth, FL.

Tear Drop Insert for Fenders, Turn your standard 9” or 10” Double or Triple Axle Fender into a Tear Drop Fender, made of .080 Tread Brite Diamond Plate Metal.



Telescoping Pole, Extendable, Arms, Bahama Shutters Thumbturn Cylinder Lock
Telescoping Pole for Awnings, TentsThumbturn Cylinder Lock

Telescoping Pole for Clam Shell Awnings, Tents, and Bahama Shutters, 1 pole, choose Lengths from 12 to 36 inches, and select from 4 Colors,...

Thumbturn Cylinder Lock, Brass, Silver Face, includes 1 AL Ring. 1 1/8" Thread Diameter,... This is whats included in the Mortise Complete Kit.



58 and 60mm Pulley for Shutters Triple Axle Fender
58mm Shutter PulleyTriple Axle Fender

58 - 60mm Metal Shutter Pulley Wheel, with 28mm Stainless Steel Ball Bearing

Triple Axle Fender, made of .001 Thick Tread Brite Diamond Plate Metal, 2 styles to choose from. For Boat and other type Trailers. We do not ship this item, you must...



Turn Knob Screws Medium Size DOOYA 20 Channel Wireless Receiver
Turn Knob Screw, Medium Size20 Channel Wireless Receiver

 Turn Knob Screw for Shutter Panels, Medium Size, 1/4-20 x 1", Black or White, 18-8 Stainless Steel, Nylon Head. Choose amount desired.

Twenty Channel Wireless Receiver for DOOYA Roll Shutters, Hz Radio Control. Makes a Standard motor a Remote motor.



Type 6 Motor Operator Bracket Motor Brackets for Type 8 Roll Shutter Motor
SIMU Motor Brackets Type 6Type 8 Motor Brackets

SIMU Motor Operator Bracket for Type 6, choose Standard or for Override Motors, 100mm x 100mm.

Tubular Motor Brackets, for type 8 Roll Shutter Motors. T8 Mounting Bracket Angle, 2 piece set includes Bolts, nuts, and Washers. They are 4" x 1 1/2" x 3/4" x 1/8" thick, perfect for any heavy duty use too.



U Header for 2 1/4 inch Storm Panels U Header for Storm Panels
Ceiling U Header 2.25Ceiling U Header 2 inch

Ceiling U-Header for Storm Panels, the Top Track Channel, by BERTHA, Select Length, Pick White or Bronze. For 2 1/4" Rib Panels

Ceiling U-Header for Storm Panels, Top Track Channel, Many Sizes to Choose, Select Length, White or Bronze. For 2" Rib Panels, BERTHA.



Universal Gear Plates for Roll Shutters Wall Clip for Awning Crank Handles
Universal Gear PlateWall Clip Holder for Crank Handles

Universal Gear Plate, 100mm x 100mm, choose With or Without Center Pin, includes mounting screws.

Locking Wall Clip for Crank Handles. This Wall Clip fits most type crank handles with a 1/2 inch diameter pole, made of plastic,...



DOOYA Wall Mounted Emitter for Roll Shutters White Aluminum Storm Panels
DOOYA Wall Mount EmitterWhite Aluminum Storm Panels

DOOYA Wall Mount Emitter for DOOYA Remote Roll Shutters, 1 or 15 Channel models. Wall Mounted Emitter mounts Anywhere, battery operated.

White Aluminum Storm Panels, .050 Miami Dade Approved HVHZ, BERTHA, Custom Cut to your size, PICK UP ONLY, NO SHIPPING



Wood Bushing Setting Tool Driver Deep Socket Driver
Brass Bushing Setting ToolExtension Socket Driver 3/8 X 4

Wood Bushing Insert Tool, Power Driver Style, 6 inch, for setting 1/4-20 Brass Wood Bushings.


Socket Power Bit Extension Driver, 3/8 x 4 inch, Pro Quality. Made in the USA.





Advertising Spaces for Rent Roll Shutter Assist Spring
Advertising SpacesRoll Shutter Assist Spring

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Roll Shutter Assist Spring, select weight capacity for 60MM or 70MM tube, all Roll Shutter Assist Springs utilize Plate 6A39438 (included)...



Awning Crank Handle and Hook Pole kit Camelback Pins
Awning Crank Handle with HookCamelback Pins

Awning Handle Crank with Hook, Manual Hand Crank, 5 Feet Long, Shipped Assembled, Plastic Coated Metal, Hard Plastic handles. Both Handles Spin,..

Camelback Pins, Awning and Shutter Pole Pins, 3 1/2" Large or 2 1/2" Small, select Quantity desired. They are 1/4" in Diameter,..



Slip Collars, Awning Rings U-Bracket for Awnings and Shutters
Slip Collars, Awning Rings Bahama U Brackets

Slip Collars for Awning Poles and Bahama Shutter Arms, Awning Rings, Choose 1" or 7/8", Select Total Pieces Desired. Made from Aluminum,

U Brackets, for Awnings or Bahama Shutters, 1" Aluminum, New Replacement Parts, fits 1" or 3/4" poles. The U-Bracket is...



Ball Bearing for Roll Shutters Bahama Shutter Arm Kit, Awning Poles
Ball Bearing for Roll ShuttersBahama Shutter Arm Kit, 1 pair

42MM Ball Bearing with Stainless Steel Bushings, for Roll Shutters. Measures 1 5/8" in Diameter, the center hole is 1/2" diameter, and it's 3/8" wide.

Bahama Shutter Arm Kit, Telescoping Poles, and for ClamShell Awnings, 1 Pair, Choose Length, 4 colors, includes Camelback Brackets, Pins,



HV Bahama Shutter Hinges Bullet for Universal or Crank Handle Bell
Bahama Shutter Hinges RailBullet for Universal Pivot

HV Bahama Shutter Hinges, Low Profile Style, Both Male and Female Side, for Replacement or New Installations, These are made of smooth...

Bullet for Universal Pivot, Roll Shutter Crank Handle Bullet for Bell. Mates with bell for a removeable crank handle. Includes the screw.



Camelback Brackets with Pin CF Shutter Lock Kit, CenterFold
Camelback Brackets with PinCF Shutter Lock Kit

Camelback Brackets for Awning Poles and Bahama Shutters, 3 Sizes, select Quantity desired. Brackets have the One Way notch for the Camelback Pin.

CF Shutter Lock Kit, Genuine OEM Replacement Part, Keyed or Thumbturn Styles, for Accordion, Centerfold, and T & C Shutter Types. 



Combo Drill Bit, Domestic Crank Handle Pole for Roll Shutters
Combo Drill Bit, DomesticCrank Handle Pole for Roll Shutters

Combo Drill Bit, 1/4" x 1/2" x 2", Domestic Professional Version, used to drill perfect pilot holes and counter sink for Anchors. 

Crank Handle with Bell, Nickel, 5 Feet Long, for Roll Shutters, Manual Handcrank Bar. This kit comes with a Wall Clip Holder 



Roll Shutter Crank Handle Extension Kit HV Lock Dust Covers, Plastic
Roll Shutter Crank Handle 10' KitDust Covers for Shutter Locks

Roll Shutter Crank Handle Kit, 10 Feet, includes Crank Handle Extension Pole, SS Handle Extension with Pin, the Bell, Pick-up Only....


Dust Covers for HV or CF Shutter Locks, Choose either Keyed Locks or Thumb Turn Locks,.. Protects the lock from Rain, Dust, Bugs, and more. 



Extension Power Driver 6" DOOYA Roll Shutter Motors, Remote Type 5
Extension Socket Driver 3/8 X 6DOOYA DM45R Remote Motors

Socket Power Bit Extension Driver, 3/8 x 6 Inches, Hex, Magnetic, Pro Quality, Made in the USA.

DOOYA Remote Roll Shutter Motors, Type 5, DM45R, choose Standard or With Override, Choose 30Nm or 50Nm, includes 60MM & 70MM Crowns, Drives, Bracket,... 



DOOYA Roll Shutter Motor Type 6 Standard DOOYA Roll Shutter Motor DM92M
DOOYA DM59R Remote MotorDOOYA DM92M Override Motor

DOOYA Remote Roll Shutter Motor Type 6, Standard or With Overide, Includes 70MM Crown and Drive, Bracket, and Alternate Bracket...DM59R, DM59M

DOOYA Roll Shutter Motor, Type 9 Standard with Override, DM92M, 300NM, 11RPM, 120V, 881W,. Special Order Item. Includes 100MM Crown & Drive,...



Holdback Clips for Accordion Shutters Hood Roller for Roll Shutters
HV Shutter Holdback ClipHood Roller for Roll Shutters

HV Holdback Clips for Accordion Shutters, HV = Hi Velocity, Choose 4 to 50 pieces. Hard Nylon Clip snaps in track to hold the shutter panels open. 3 colors

Hood Rollers for Roll Shutters, 40 x 95 x 30 MM, starting at $10.99 for 2 Hood Rollers, choose up to 10 with shipping discount. 



Horizontal Frame for Bahama Shutter, Aluminum Center Mullion Aluminum Frame Rail for Shutters
Aluminum Frame for Bahama ShutterHorizontal Frame Rail, Colonials

Horizontal Frame for Bahama Shutter, Aluminum U Rail, for standard 1 1/4" Panels. Can be used as a Bottom Rail Frame,...

Horizontal Rail Frame for Colonial Shutters, H Rail Bar, Shipped by the Foot up to 6' Lengths, Made of Aluminum it comes to you "Mill Finish", ready to be...



HV Accordion Shutter Lock Knurled Stud Screws for Storm Panel Tracks
HV Shutter Lock KitKnurled Stud Screw

HV Shutter Lock Kit for Hurricane & Storm Shutters, Thumb Turn Egress Style or Keyed, for Accordion and Centerfold Shutter Types, 4 Colors...

Knurled Stud Screws, Stainless Steel, 1/4-20 Thread size, Select 3/4 or 1 inch Length, Select Quantity Desired from 12 to 100 pieces. 



Key Switch for Roll Shutters. Keyhole Washers
SIMU Key SwitchKeyhole Washers

UNIVERSAL Key Switches for Roll Shutters, by SIMU, Surface Mount, choose MOMENTARY or MAINTAIN Style. Comes with 3 Keys,...

Aluminum Keyhole Washers, Select 25 pieces to 100. Most commonly used with Combo Truss Machine Screws size 1/4-20, but these,...



Lance Awning Clip Large Turn Knob Screws
Lance Awning ClipTurn Knob Handle Screws, Large

Lance Awning Clip, 3 1/4" Long - 1" Wide, Made with 1/8" Aluminum Stock. Rare Awning Replacement Part.

Large Turn Knob Handles, Black or White, with Shoulder Stop. 5/16-18 x 1", Turn Knob Screw Handles, Stainless Steel, White or Black,...



L-Handle Shutter Lock, Hi-Tech Locking Pins for Accordion Hurricane Shutters, with Screws.
L-Handle HT Shutter LockLocking Pins for Shutters

L-Handle HT Shutter Lock, choose with Keys or Thumb Turn style, HT = Hi-Tech. Choose from 5 colors; White, Ivory, Chrome, Bronze, or Beige.

Aluminum Locking Pins, Accordion Shutter Pins, Sliding Rods, and for Bahama Hurricane Shutters, 1 pair, Choose Length, Select Screw Size



Moustache Clips, Stainless Steel Complete Mortise Lock, Hi-Rise Shutters
Mustache Clips Complete Mortise Lock Kit

Mustache Clips for Storm Panels and Shutters, These Mustache Clips are for the older style storm panels, High Strength Stainless Steel.

Complete Hi-Rise Mortise Hook Lock and Body Kit, Includes 1 Brass Keyed Cylinder Lock, 1 Brass Thumb Turn Lock, and Face Plate,...



Center Mullion Rail for Bahama Shutters HV Nylon Thumbscrews
Center Mullion Frame RailHV Nylon Thumb Screws

Center Mullion Rail Frame for Bahama Shutters, Aluminum, Low Profile style, choose Punched at 2" or Unpunched Rails, fits 1 1/4" panels...

HV Nylon Thumb Screws, 3/8-16 x 3/4", with Shoulder. Choose how many HV White or Black Nylon Thumb Screws you need, 6 to 48 pieces,... 



Phillips Power Bit 6 inh Panelmate Combo Bit
Phillips Power Bit, 6 inchPanelmate Combo Bit

Phillips Power Driver Bit, size #3 x 6 inch, or size #2 x 6", made Tough, this is what the Pro's use. Made in the USA,...



Panelmate Combo Bit, Domestic (Made in USA), this is Professional Grade made to last. For Concrete, Block,.. not wood.



Price Adjustments HV Plate Lock for Accordion Shutters
Price AdjustmentsHV Saltwater Plate Lock

Click this $$$ product to pay for a Custom Phone Order, or for Expedited Shipping, or...

HV Saltwater Plate Lock with Black or White HV Turn Knob Screw, Solid Stainless Steel Lock Plate, and Stainless Steel Knob, 1 Pair... 



Roll Shutter Gear Kit 7MM Sidewalk Bolt Anchors, Lead
Roll Shutter Gear Kit 7MMSidewalk Bolt Lead Anchors

Roll Shutter Gears, Select Plastic or Metal, Choose 11:1 Ratio or 8:1 Ratio. 7MM Hex. Each kit comes with the Roll Shutter Gear, a Gasket,...

Combo Sidewalk Bolt Lead Anchors, for use with any size length 1/4-20 bolt, pass thru style. Zamac Body / Lead Core. Bolt Anchor Fastener is...



Interlocking Horseshoe Shims Sidewalk Combo Bolts, 2 Sizes
Interlocking Horseshoe ShimsCombo Sidewalk Bolts

Adjustable Interlocking Shims, Horseshoe Shaped, Breakaway Style, Plastic, 50 Pieces, Perfect for Shutters, Doors, Windows, or...

Sidewalk Combination Bolts, 1/4-20 Thread Size, 1/2" - 2 1/2". They have a Flat Round Head with Beveled edges, Phillips - Slotted...



SIMU Gear Connector 16MM x 13MM, for 1424 Gears SIMU Roll Shutter Gear 7MM Hex -16MM Square
SIMU Gear Connector, AdapterSIMU Roll Shutter Gear 16MM

SIMU Gear Connector, for use with with the style No. 1424 SIMU Gear, it is a 16MM Square x 13MM Square Gear Adapter for the,...

SIMU Roll Shutter Gear #1424, 7MM Hex / 16MM Square, 11;1 Ratio. Outer casing is made of hard plastic. It is almost,...



SIMU Roll Shutter Motor, Override, Type 5 Roll Shutter Motor, type 5 Standard, SIMU
SIMU Standard Motors Type 5SIMU Remote Motors Type 5

Roll Shutter Motor Kits by SIMU, Standard or With Override, Type 5, DMI5, 50Nm, 12RPM, 120V, 4 wire, 

Roll Shutter Motor Kits by SIMU, Remote Type 5, Standard Remote or With Override, Includes Crown & Drive, Brackets, and Single Channel Emitter ...



Roll Shutter Motor, Type 8 Standard, SIMU Small Turn Knob Screws for Shutters
SIMU Overide Motor Type 8Small Turn Knob Screws

SIMU Roll Shutter Motor Type 8 Standard with Override, Tubular, 200Nm, 94MM Diameter, 10RPM, 120V. Crowns, Drives, and Brackets sold separately. 

Small Thumb Turn Knob Screws, 1/4-20 x 3/4", Stainless Steel, with Shoulder, Select from 6 pieces thru 50. Choose Black or White,...



Stainless Steel Thumb Screws, 2 sizes Solar Thread, UV Resistant
Thumb Screws, Stainless SteelSolar Thread, UV Resistant

Stainless Steel Thumb Screws, 3 Sizes; 1/4-20 x 3/4" or 1", and 10-24 x 3/4", Select  total Pieces desired. Accordion Shutter Screws... for the locking pins

Solar Thread, UV Resistant, Made by BERTHA©, 8 oz Spool, Choose Black or White, 2000 Feet each. Perfect for any type repairs on...



Shutter Straps, Hook and Loop, 4 Colors T-Handle Shutter Lock Kit
Shutter StrapsT-Handle Shutter Lock Kit

Accordion Shutter Straps , Choose from 4 Colors, Sizes 24" or 36". The Shutter Straps have a hard nylon loop on one end for tension adjustment...

T-Handle Accordion Shutter Lock Kit for Centerfold type Hurricane Shutters, OEM Replacements, for Repair, 5 Colors to choose...



Tapered Driver for Hurricane Screws Track Bolts
Tapered Driver for Hurricane ScrewsTrack Bolts, Stainless Steel

Tapered Mag Driver Bit for Hurricane Screws , 1/4" Size, #8 Screw Head, Brand New, Made in USA, Heavy Duty. This item will fit in...

Track Bolts, Stainless Steel, Square Head, 1/4-20 Thread, 3/4" Length OR 1" Length, will not rust. Head is 1/2" Square....



HV Track Roller Guide Pins Trailer Plate for Camelback Brackets
Track Roller Guide PinTrailer Plate for Awning Bracket

HV Track Roller Guide Pins, HV = Hi Velocity, 8 Sizes to choose, for Accordion Shutters

Trailer Mounting Plate for Awning Bracket, Holdown Bracket, 2" x 2", attaches to your home, RV, or mobile home as a mounting plate, to hold the awning Closed...



Universal for Roll Shutter Hand Cranks Wheel Carriages, Panel Rollers
Universal Pivot 45 degreeWheel Carriages, Panel Rollers

Universal for Roll Shutters, 45 Degree Head, Choose Exterior or Interior, Choose Hex or Square Drive. Includes the Bullet,....

HV Wheel Carriages for Hurricane Shutters, Panel Roller wheels, Choose your Size, #10 or #14



Wheel Carriage Assembly for Shutters Wingnut Hand Driver, Fits Many Size Wingnuts
Wheel Carriage Assembly Wingnut Hand Driver

Wheel Carriage Assembly, Complete Set up includes Screw, Hat Bushing, Spacer Bushing, and Wheel Carriage. White rollers, 4 sizes to choose from.

Wingnut Hand Driver Tool for Hurricane Storm Panels and Shutters, Brand New, fits all wingnuts from size 10-32 to 5/16" Made in USA,...



Wingnut Power Driver Bit, fits many size Wingnuts Washered Wingnuts for Storm Panels
Wingnut Power Driver BitHV Washered Wingnuts

Wingnut Power Driver Bit, fits many size wingnuts, from 10-32 to 5/16" thread. Heavy Duty industrial strength metal. Shutter Tools...

HV Washered Wingnuts , Super Heavy Duty Zamac Diecast, Nickel Plated, 1/4-20 Thread size, 7/8" or 1 1/8" Washer.



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