Horizontal Frame for Bahama Shutter, Aluminum
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Aluminum Frame for Bahama Shutter

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Horizontal Frame for Bahama Shutter, Low Profile style, Aluminum U-Channel Rail, for standard 1 1/4" Panels. Can be used as a Bottom Rail Frame, or Colonial Top Rail Frame too.

Choose Regular SMALL 2 1/4" side or New Orleans Style LARGE 4" side. Both have a 1 1/4" U-Channel.

Shutter Frame Pieces shipped by the Foot up to 6' lengths,.. or come to Lake Worth to pick up the whole uncut 21 foot U Channel Rail Frame.


If you are considering buying this item, Please contact me first before placing the order, as the prices and options have not been programmed into this item listing yet, and the price shown is inaccurate for all models, only an estimate. Thanks.


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41-63-831 Small

41-63-863 Large

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