Replacement Bell for Roll Shutter Hand Crank
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Bell for Crank Handles

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Replacement Bell for Roll Shutter Crank Handles, includes the Spring Pin for easy repair of your broken crank handle. Nickel Plated.


The Bell's small end hole is 9/16" ID (to fit your 1/2" OD pole diameter.)

The entire Bell attachment is 2 5/8" long.


The bell's Large end diameter is 1 1/4" which tapers to 9/16", to fit your 1/2" diameter bullet.

The Bell is keyway notched 15/16" from the bell end to the furthest edge of the slot, to fit into your 1/2" Diameter Bullet, please check your bullet diameter, it could be an old style 9/16" or 7/16" size and so this crank pole bell will not work!


**Or buy a new Bullet and Bell Together as a SYSTEM KIT at a discounted price.


There are no instructions included with this item, you are expected to be a handyman and know what a spring pin is, have pliers, hammer, punch, a drill, and saw if you need to cut your pole a bit.


Choose desired total Pieces Set, then Quantity 1,... or Quantity 2 to Double the pieces set.

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