Replacement Bell for Roll Shutter Hand Crank
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Bell for Crank Handles

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Replacement Bell for Roll Shutter Crank Handles, includes the Spring Pin for easy repair of your broken crank handle. Nickel Plated.


The Bell's small end hole is 9/16" ID (to fit your 1/2" OD pole diameter.)

The entire Bell attachment is 2 5/8" long.


The bell's Large end diameter is 1 1/4" which tapers to 9/16", to fit your 1/2" diameter bullet.

The Bell is keyway notched 15/16" from the bell end to the furthest edge of the slot, to fit into your 1/2" Diameter Bullet, please check your bullet diameter, it could be an old style 9/16" or 7/16" size and so this crank pole bell will not work!


**Or buy a new Bullet and Bell Together as a SYSTEM KIT at a discounted price.


There are no instructions included with this item, you are expected to be a handyman and know what a spring pin is, have pliers, hammer, punch, a drill, and saw if you need to cut your pole a bit.


Choose desired total Pieces Set, then Quantity 1,... or Quantity 2 to Double the pieces set.


**Do not try to finangle a bell onto a drill to Speed Roll your shutter door down or up, the internal worm gear is not designed for drill speed and will chew it up and fail. A roll shutter is a Delicate Mechanical Device and cannot be strained to work otherwise, whether there's a motor in it or just a gear.

If it's easy to roll up and down but it takes too long, or your arms hurt from so many shutters,... prepare sooner, or consider installing motors.

If it's hard to crank, maybe the gear is already worn, or maybe the door weight is too heavy for the gear.

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