DOT Break Away Sign Pole Base
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Breakaway Sign Pole Base

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D.O.T. Break Away Sign Pole Base Flanges for Single Column Signs, or Sign Stand Bases - Manufactured in accordance with Florida DOT Roadway and Traffic Design Standard Indexes 11860-11865.

Kit Includes the 2 Identical Hollow Sign Pole Base Flanges, Nuts, Bolts, Washers, Shims, etc.. in accordance with ASTM 325 & ASTM A-307.


 4 Sign Pole Base Sizes to choose; for repair or new installations;


4 inch = 4-1/8" ID, (4-7/8" OD), each base is 8 1/4" Square by 3/4" thick, column is 7" high x 3/8" wall, 6 inch insert, thru hole diameter is 3 1/2", total height 14"

4 1/2 inch = 4-5/8" ID, (5-1/4" OD), each base is 8 1/4" Square x 3/4" thick, each column is 7" high x 3/8" wall, 6 inch insert, thru hole diameter is 4 1/8", total height 14".

5 inch = 5-1/8" ID, (5-7/8" OD), base is 8 1/4" square x 3/4" thick, each column is 8" high x 5/16" wall, 7" insert, thru hole is 4 1/2", total height 16".

6 inch = 6-1/8" ID, (6-15/16" OD), base is 9-3/8" square, column is 9" high, total height 18".

DOT Breakaway Sign Pole Base Kit; There is No Assembly Instructions included in the box,... These are being sold to Private Parties for Repair Purposes and other private property uses, there is No Documentation available to larger corporations seeking manufacturer specs or origin, for State or Federal Bidding on Road Work.

We buy these wholesale from the Main DOT Supplier to major construction companies, however because we sell Retail to the General Public and they don't want to, we cannot disclose their name, or supply manufacturer data, sorry.

Copy and paste this link into your browser bar to see the FDOT Specs and Standard Plans for installation instructions and use of this Approved product;

Scroll down to Highway Signing 700-010 thru 700-013

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