Bulletproof Gear

Bulletproof Gear, Slash Proof Garments, and Body Armor for Protection against Threats and Harm from Projectiles, bullets, bombs, and of course, Hurricanes,... folks need protection while helping others during the wind from sharp flying objects. Survival Gear.Body Armour is considered Safety Equipment and can be purchased online from this site by anyone in 49 States of America (except Connecticut), there is No International Shipping of any type product on these pages, sorry.


WARNING: some of the Bulletproof Gear in this category is also considered Illegal To Own if you have a Felony Record Conviction,.. We also advise you not to knowingly transfer or sell these to a person who has mental issues or is violent, as You will be an accessory to their crime.

It is a Felony Offense in every state to use these products during the commission of a crime.


Licensed Retailers are Exempt from liability for use or misuse of this product by the buyer, and/or from injuries sustained while using them, buyers assume all risk and liability, and agree to proper use.


**There is Absolutely No Returns on Protective Gear, all items are checked prior to shipment for defects, and some are permanently mark dated for consumer protection of product expiration.

No item is 100% completely guaranteed to prevent injury, there are many factors to consider, like ricochets from the item, surface wear reduces effectiveness, getting shot twice in the same spot,...

Don't be fooled, "Slash Proof, Knife Proof, and Bulletproof" labeled body protection articles usually stop the projectiles and knives from penetrating the skin, but it still hurts because it doesn't stop the blunt force trauma from the velocity of the projectile coming at you,... but it will stop the the external bleeding possibly saving your life.


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We have partnered with multiple manufacturers to bring you the Freshest New materials just woven,.... do not trust those discount sites as you may be buying Old possibly Expired stock. Trust our bulletproof articles have been tested here locally.


Special discounts for Police and/or other Government Agencies on large special order custom made gear, also at wholesale to Licensed Retailers.

Advertising Spaces for Rent Anti Stab Vest
Advertising SpacesAnti Stab Vest Level 2

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Cordial Anti Stab Vest, Incognito Protection Vest. Banks, Government Offices, VIP's, LEVEL Rated for 24 Joules



Bulletproof Vest, Cordial, for VIP Bulletproof T-Shirt Vest for VIP's
Bullet and Stab Proof VestBulletproof T-Shirt Vest

Cordial Bullet and Stab Proof Vest, Incognito Protection. Banks, Government Offices, VIP's, NIJ IIIA and Level 2 Rated

Bulletproof T-Shirt, under garment wear, White or Black, Concealable ballistic vest. NIJ IIIA Rated, Stops; 9mm, 357 Magnum., 44 Mag. and more. 



Cut Resistant Arm Protector Stab and Cut Proof Gloves
Cut Resistant Arm ProtectorsNitrile Palm Safety Gloves

Level 4 Protective Arm Sleeves, Cut Resistant, for Kitchens, Animal Care.

Nitrile Palm Coated HPPE Level 5 Cut Resistant Hand Gloves for Auto Repair, Medical, Police, and Kitchen use. Best you can get.



Bulletproof Molle Vest Black Bulletproof Molle style Vest
Bulletproof Vest, Full Black MolleMolle Bulletproof Vests, 3 Colors

Bulletproof Vest, Black Molle with Neck and Groin Protection, ballistic armour vest. NIJ IIIA Rated; Stops; 9mm, 357 Magnum., 44 Mag. and more 

Bulletproof Vests, Molle Style, ballistic armour vests. Black, Green, or Tan, NIJ IIIA Rated; Stops; 9mm, 357 Magnum., 44 Mag. and more. 



Bulletproof Vest for dogs Female Bulletproof Vest
Bulletproof Vest for DogsFemale Bulletproof Vest

Bulletproof Vest for Dogs, Ballistic Protection vest, 3 sizes, for Police K-9 or Hunting, NIJ IIIA Rated

Female Bulletproof Vest, Soft Ballistic Protection vest. Contoured to fit and cover the Bust area more comfortably. Only 4 Pounds.



Stab and Cut Proof Gloves Bulletproof Insert for Backpacks
Touch Screen Safety GlovesBulletproof Backpack Insert, Small

HPPE EN388 Level 5 Protection Touch Screen cut resistant proof gloves for Kitchen or Security, or Work use.

Bulletproof Insert for Backpacks, Small 10" x 16", Black, Concealable Soft Ballistic Shield.

NIJ IIIA Rated, Stops 9mm, 44 Mag + more.



Bulletproof Vest, Cordial, for VIP Stab and Cut Proof Hoodie
Bulletproof Vest, CordialSlash Proof Hoodie

Cordial Bulletproof Vest, Incognito Ballistic Protection vest. Banks, Government Offices, VIP's, NIJ IIIA Rated

Slash and Cut Proof Hoodie, Long Sleeve, HPPE EN388 level 5 knife proof Jersey, Best Available for Bodyguards and Police. 2 Styles.



Slash and Cut Proof Shirts Bulletproof Insert for Backpacks
Slash Proof Shirt Short SleeveBulletproof Backpack Insert, Large

Slash and Cut Proof Shirt, V-Neck or Round Neck, Short Sleeve, Level 4 knife proof shirt, perfect for Bodyguards, Bouncers, and Police.

Bulletproof Insert for backpacks, Large 12" x 18", Black, Concealable Ballistic Shield.

NIJ IIIA Rated, Stops 9mm, 44 Mag + more.



White Bulletproof Vest for VIP
Bulletproof Vest, VIP

Bulletproof VIP under garment wear, White or Black, Concealable ballistic vest. NIJ IIIA Rated; Stops; 9mm, 357 Magnum., 44 Mag. and more. 


Bulletproof Gear, Tactical Equipment, Body Armour, for Police, Military, and Civilians.


Q. Armour or Armor: what is the correct spelling?

A. Armor is the American spelling of the noun meaning a protective covering. Armour is the preferred spelling in all the other main varieties of English. Other than the spelling, there is no difference between the words.


Here is an online publication from the National Institute of Justice pertaining to the Ballistic Resistance of Body Armor, levels of protection, and what the standards are;