Bulletproof Window Film 12 mil
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Bulletproof Window Film

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Bulletproof Window Film, Explosion proof, Anti-Vandal, and yes, Hurricane Protection too. 30 meter roll or by the foot. For use on Glass or Windows, on Vehicles, Homes, Businesses, Display Cases, Patio Doors,....etc.., Clear / Transparent, 12 Mil Thick = 0.27mm, 58" Wide

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Easy Installation and Removal, Protection Against projectiles and bullets for Banks and Armored trucks, and/or always be ready for Sudden Tropical Storms.

Tensile strength; 55,000 psi., Enlongation; 120%.


Window Film Features & Benefits;

 Reduces heat

. Increases skin & eye protection

. Reduces interior fading and cracking

. Anti-Glare

. Special Membrane provides an extra barrier of protection for increased safety

. Increases shatter resistance of any type glass

. Helps hold shattered glass in place and provides continued safety 


Professional installation recommended, but this is not rocket science, anyone can apply this with proper window cleaning, preparation, and wet solution tools.


5 Year Warranty, in non-sunny areas this film will last 20 years or more.

This product has not been specifically tested as "Hurricane Protection", though common sense dictates that it will perform as described for flying pieces of debris during a storm.

Cheaper than Impact Window replacement.

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