Camelback Pins
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Camelback Pins

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Camelback Pins, Awning and Shutter Pole Pins, 2 sizes to Choose from, select Total Amount of Pieces desired.

2 1/2" - Small (standard size)

3 1/2" - Large 


They are 1/4" in Diameter with Raised Notch Shoulder Stops on each side. These are used for to fit into the Pole Bracket and Pole together, to hold the Awning in place.

These Camelback Awning Pole Pins are made of Aluminum, can be used with Bahama Shutters or Awnings, on Homes, Businesses, Campers, Boats, more...


Choose desired Size and total Pieces Set, then Quantity 1,... or Quantity 2 to Double the pieces set.

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