Slash and Cut Proof Shirts, long sleeve
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Cut Proof Shirt Long Sleeve

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Slash and Cut Proof Shirt, Long Sleeve Round Neck, Blue or Grey, HPPE EN388 level 4 knife proof shirt, lightweight.

perfect for Bodyguards, Bouncers, and Police. Brand New.

Material; ULL-1500-VS is an knitted cut resistant clothing, made from HPPE material. 

It is soft and high elasticity can be worn under clothes or alone as Leisure style covert. Black/White Color.


Sizes: Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large


Brand New shirts made especially for us, and every production run.

See the Amazing Manufacturer Video of this Exact Shirt material;


Protection Level 4 means this fabric will withstand a minimum of 10 Cuts in the same exact spot.

It is the Ultimate responsibility of the buyer to ensure that all transactions conform to US Federal, State, and local statutes, codes, laws and ordinances, and assumes all liability for proper and legal use or transfer.

Orders from Connecticut will be cancelled and refunded.

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