DOORSHIELD Hurricane Panel Headers
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DOORSHIELD Impact Resistant Storm Panel Kit, for Emergency Coverage of Glass Doors, Easily connects and disassembles, includes 2 HVHZ Miami-Dade rated Clear Panels, 2 specially designed HVHZ Header Tracks, and a dozen each of Track Bolts and Washered Wingnuts.

Pickup only for the clear panel kit, No shipping of panels. Call for appointment.

Clear Panels are IN STOCK NOW.

This kit is for doors approximately 80 inches in height and 36" wide, for larger or wider doors please call or email for a quote with your noted measurements.

The White Headers are 27 1/2" long.

The 2 DOORSHIELD Header Tracks are also available Without panels, and come with the Bolts and Wingnuts only. Adjusted price Includes Shipping on the headers alone.

Send a Picture of your door if unsure. 

Works on In-Swing or Out-Swing doors.

*Must have 4" clearance on Top & Bottom of door for track to lay flat on the door without obstruction from the window frames.

*This only works on Flat inset glass doors, will not work for Louvered window doors because the Doorshield header only stands out 1/2" from the door surface.

Pics shown are with Aluminum Panels but you'll get Clear Panels!!!

For Emergency use only during the storm, not for daily or continued use opening and closing the door, it is a Temporary Life Protection System.

No drilling or damage to the door or frame. Make sure the frame is not crooked and there is a minimum 1/8" gap on top and bottom.


Here is the Manufacturers Installation Video;


*NOTE: The Doorshield Headers are HVHZ Compliant, but they are only part of the system, if you use panels other than ours that are not HVHZ Rated, then don't expect them to pass inspection as HVHZ rated.

HVHZ = Hi Velocity Hurricane Zone

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