Camelback Brackets, Black, White, Bronze
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Designer Camelback Brackets

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Camelback Brackets for Awning Poles and Bahama Shutter arms, 3 Colors, Select Total Pieces desired, each "piece" is 1 Camelback Bracket and 1 Camelback Pin. Made of Aluminum.

Includes a standard size 2 1/2" Camelback Pin.

Black, White, or Bronze. These are Enamel Painted at the factory!


The Large Size Camelback Bracket is 1 1/4" wide on the outside, 1" inside, and almost 1/8" thick. 

It is triangle shaped at 1 1/4" on the top, and it is 2 3/8" long at the bottom.
It has 3 bottom holes for mounting screws (not included), and 2 side holes for the Pin (included).
These Colored Camelback Brackets are only available in the Large size brackets, not the Small.
If you want Silver Brackets, Please Click to our Related Item listed here.

Notice the Camelback Brackets have the "One Way" notch, for the Camelback Pins that have the notch to lock it in.

Can be used on RV's, Mobile Homes, Trailers, Houses, Boats...
Many other crafting and practical uses.

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