Exclusive Products

Exclusive Products found only in America at HurricaneShutterHardware.com , Special Imports from around the world, and including some American Made Products too that only can be found here.

Galvanized Steel Butterflies for Crafting Galvanized Steel Roses for Crafting
Galvanized Steel Butterfly Galvanized Steel Roses 70mm

Galvanized Steel Butterflies for Crafting, Paintable, 1 Pair per Quantity ordered

Galvanized Steel Rose Flowers for Crafting, Large 70mm, Paintable, 1 Pair, Choose with or without Long Stem



1 x 1 inch Wall Mounting Bracket Channel Rail Wall Mounting Bracket 2x1
1x1 Wall Mounting Bracket 2x1 Wall Mounting Bracket

1x1 Wall Mounting Bracket, Cast Aluminum, New. Special Import Item

Channel Rail Wall Mounting Bracket, 2" x 1", Cast Aluminum, Special Import Item



Aluminum Cover Plate 2 inch square Bulletproof Insert for Backpacks
2x2 Aluminum Cover PlateBulletproof Backpack Insert

Aluminum Cover Plate, 2 inch Inside Diameter, 2 piece outside top collar, screws included.

Bulletproof Insert for backpacks, 12" x 18", Black, Concealable Ballistic Shield. Brand New. 

NIJ IIIA Rated, Stops 9mm, 44 Mag + more.



Cathedral Style Fence Finial Galvanized Steel Roses for Crafts
Cathedral Style FinialGalvanized Steel Roses 55mm

Cathedral Style Finial Spear Pickets, for Fences, Gates, Rails, or Posts, Cast Aluminum

Galvanized Steel Silver Rose Flowers for Crafting, 55mm, Paintable, 1 Pair, Choose with or without Long Stem, Metal Art



HR4 Square Floor Flange Heavy Duty Price Adjustments
HR4 Square Floor Flange HDPrice Adjustments

2 inch Square HR4 Floor Flange Bracket, Heavy Duty style, for 2" Square Post, cast aluminum,

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Stab and Cut Proof Hoodie
Stab Proof Hoodie

Stab and Cut Proof Hoodie, Long Sleeve, HPPE EN388 level 5 knife proof shirt, Best Available for Bodyguards, Bouncers, and Police.


Exclusive Products