Galvanized Steel Roses for Crafting
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Galvanized Steel Roses 70mm

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Galvanized Steel Rose Flowers for Crafting, Metal Art,.. Large 70mm, Paintable,
1 Pair per Quantity ordered (2 Roses)

Metal Rose is made of 5 layers of cut and folded metal sheet with a small screw and nut thru the middle to hold it together. They are shipped 2" Long by 2 1/2" Wide, partially closed.
Silver is the color not the material.
Dip it in a can of red paint, then add some hand painted finishing touch, mount it on anything with a little hole,... 
This rose is pictured as you will receive it with the small screw, it is only partially open, gently spread the petals out and curl the top edges a bit upon arrival with pliers to make it bigger, and/or add a longer screw to make a long stem rose.
The "after" opening picture shows this rose at 3" wide, and could go a bit more!

Or use them for Fence Finials, Valentines Day Gifts, on Bird Houses, in a Vase,... only your imagination is the limit.
*Upgrade to Long Stem, includes Two, 7" threaded Anchors which you assemble on the rose by unscrewing the small center screw while holding the rose upside down, then thread the Long Stem in the hole upside down, and then use the new nut on the inside of the rose to secure the stem to the rose, you might need a socket if you got big fingers.

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