Knurled Stud Screws for Storm Panel Tracks
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Knurled Stud Screw

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Knurled Stud Screw, Stainless Steel, 1/4-20 Thread size, 

Sorry, the 1" size is Temporarily OUT OF STOCK

Select Small 3/4" or Large 1 inch Length,

3/4" Knurled Stud Screws are found on Storm Panel Tracks and T-Handle Locks, these are Replacements for missing parts, rusted, or stripped threads. The 1" size is if you need to extend the length or any general purpose.

There is no slot for a screwdriver, it is a Flat Head with beveled edge, the knurls create a locking mounting base when pressed into a 1/4" pre-drilled hole.

Select Small or Large from 12 to 100 pieces, then select Quantity 1,... or Quantity 2 to Double the pieces.



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