L-Handle Shutter Lock, Hi-Tech
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L-Handle HT Shutter Lock

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L-Handle Shutter Lock, HT, choose with Keys or Thumb Turn style,

(HT = Hi-Tech). White, Ivory, Chrome, Bronze, or Beige. 

* There is no Thumbturn Chrome available ever, only keyed

* The white color is not Bright White, it is slightly Off-White, shown on a bright white table so you can see the difference.


It has an L-Handle on both ends. It is a 2" stem,

This is what you get per HT Shutter Lock Kit;

Locking Metal L Handle; 1

Keys; 2  (all L-Handle keys have same number on the same order).

Stem Nuts; 2

Metal Hook Lever; 1

Metal Handle End; 1

Round White Lever Guard; 1

Square Lock Plate; 1

Track pin holders; 4 (extra parts to hold shutters open, not all shutters use them)


Some L-Handle shutter locks look very similar to this one except they have 2 latch hooks, this is the replacement you want, simply reuse one of the old hook latches and both plastic collars with this new L-Handle shutter lock to make that double latch style.

Some L-Handles have a white Diamond Shaped insert for the lock, this kit does not include that part, you must reuse the old one for proper hook spacing within the accordion panels vertical channel, to align with the square catch on the other panel so it locks properly.

This is not an easy lock to replace for a novice do-it-yourselfer, an offset open end wrench is needed, small fingers, and patience. There are no instructions.


Hurricane Shutter Hardware Parts

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