Locking Hole Plugs

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Locking Hole Plugs, End Caps, for Roll Shutter Tracks, Bahama Shutter Arms, and Awning Poles, Black and White Only on some sizes, Many Sizes to choose from. 

Select Size, then select total Pieces Set desired, then Quantity 1,... or Quantity 2 to Double the pieces set. 


These Hole Plugs fit perfectly inside your Bahama Shutter Arms, Roll Shutter Track, or Awning Poles, to keep the rain and bugs out, and give the overall appearance of the shutters or track a Finished Look. They are Paintabe too.


Made of Heavy Duty Nylon for outdoor use, they are not "regular household duty".


For Telescoping Poles on Awnings and Bahama Shutters;

3/4" size plug fits the 7/8" Inner poles

7/8" size plug fits the 1" Outer poles


3/8" - White Only

1/2 " - Black or White

5/8" - White Only,... or for Beige, Ivory, or Bronze click here:


3/4" - White Only

7/8" - Black or White

1" - Black or White


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