Recessed Bushings for Shutters
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Recessed Nylon Bushings

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Recessed Bushings for Hurricane Shutter Screws, covers the head of the screw, 6 sizes to select from, White only. UV Resistant.

Sizing Choices;

#10 Hole x 5/8" Long x 7/16" Diameter,

#10 Hole x 3/4" Long x 7/16" Diameter,

#10 Hole x 1" Long x 7/16" Diameter,

#10 or #14 Hole x 5/8" Long x 1/2" Diameter, HV Short Style

#10 or #14 Hole x 1" Long x 1/2" Diameter, HV Long Style

#14 Hole x 1" Long x 9/16" Diameter


Choose desired Size, then total Pieces Set, then Quantity 1,... or Quantity 2 to Double the pieces set.


**We also have Nylon Spacer Bushings (non-recessed) for a #14 size screw,

3 sizes, 

5/8" long by 1/2" diameter,

7/8" long by 1/2" diameter

1" long by 3/8" diameter

We don't have a listing for them so if you need them CALL or email Before ordering, we will substitute the amounts here at the same price, we just need a heads up before ordering c, thanks.

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