SHIEN Tubular Motor for Curtains and Blinds
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SHIEN SM35R Curtain Motor

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SHIEN SM35R Standard Remote Tubular Motor Kit, for Curtains and Blinds, 10Nm Torque.

Includes Instructions, 40mm Crown & Drive, Limit Tool, Mounting Bracket, and 1 Channel Remote.


Fitted for Round 40mm Tubes. 3 wire. 25-1/2" Long.


#SM35R = 120V / 60Hz - 0.85A - 10Nm - 19RPM - 102W - IP44


5 Year Warranty


**Note about installing Tubular Motors;


If you are testing a tubular motor for electrical current or trying to set the limit switch, you must do it in the tube (or a test tube) as the Crown & Drive Must Spin Together, or the motor will not reset itself, or the motor may not shut off, or the limit switch will not stay in the same position!!!!!


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