SHIEN Tubular Motor for Roll Shutters
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SHIEN T6-120M Tubular Motor

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SHIEN, Type 6, 59mm 120Nm Torque Power! Standard with Manual Override style. Includes Instructions, 70mm Crown & Drive, Limit Tool, Mounting Bracket.

If you have a 70mm tube and keep burning out the motors, it's because the door weight is too heavy for your 100NM or less size motor, this 120Nm is rated for More Weight and so less strain on the motor.


Fitted for Hex Shaft Universals and Hex 70mm Tubes.

#SM59M = 120V - 3.46A - 120Nm - 9RPM - 400W - IP44

5 year warranty.

 ** Note about Buying a Tubular Motor from us; All our Manual Override type motors, use a HEX SHAFT for the Motor Gear connection to the Universal Pivot, if you have a Square Shaft you'll need to replace the Universal Pivot or use our Square to Hex Coupling Adaptor.

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