SIMU Roll Shutter Motor T6
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SIMU Remote Motors Type 6

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SIMU Remote Roll Shutter Motor Kit, Standard or With Override, Type 6, 3 wire

100Nm, 14rpm, 120V, 60Hz, 430W, 3.8A, Run Time 4min, IP44, Turns; 22, 308-448lbs

70MM Crown, Drive, and Bracket, plus Single Channel Emitter Included.


STANDARD: #528SK, 28.75" Long, 2 Brackets

With OVERRIDE: #527SK, 33.75" Long, 1 Bracket


Please call Customer service at 561-255-1102 for help ordering the correct SIMU motor.... Please have your Make & model number handy, and know what size tube or sleeve you have (58mm Hex, 60mm/70mm Round/Hex, 94mm, 100mm).

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