Serrated Tubing for Awnings

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Serrated Tubing for Bahama Shutters and Clamshell Awnings, No Holes, Raw Material, 4 , 5 , or 6 Foot Lengths, You Cut to size and drill holes. You get the Inner and Outer Pole plus 2 Slip Collars for each pole ordered.


Drill a 1/4" hole on each side 1/2" OC from the edge, on each end.

Keep your old poles to make a template. There are 32 ribs on each size pole, you could make your drill mark at #1 rib and #17 rib to get an even hole thru the center. Count your ribs for sure first, they could differ and have 28 ribs!

The 4 foot pole could extend to almost 8 feet, but remember the weight of the awning or shutter should be considered and so the middle of the pole is where the pressure is, and it's better if you do not extend it more than 7 feet so you have a foot space of double pole together in the middle. Same concept for the longer poles.


This Serrated Tube is also available for pickup in 20 foot lengths, call for price and appointment. 

Telescoping Poles, Extendable Arms, Adjustable.

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