Serrated Tubing for Awnings

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Serrated Tubing for Bahama Shutters and Clamshell Awnings, No Holes, Raw Material, 6 Foot Lengths, You Cut to size and drill holes if necessary. Inner and Outer Pole plus Slip Collar.

Select how many 6 foot lengths you need from 2 to 12 Piece Set, then choose Quantity 1,... or Quantity 2 to Double the pieces set.

Each Pole comes with 1 Slip Collar, so order the 2 piece Tube set get 2 slip collars, order the 4 piece set get 4 collars,....


With the 2 pole minimum order, a handy person can make 4 - 36" arms, or 6 - 24" arms, or 8 - 18" arms, or 12 - 12" arms!!!


This Serrated Tube is also available for pickup in 20 foot lengths, call for price and appointment. 

Telescoping Poles, Extendable Arms, Adjustable.

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