Shipping Supplies

Corrugated Brown Boxes, Padded Envelopes, PICKUP ONLY, these are the same boxes we use for our shipping needs, mostly Long Square Tube Boxes, various lengths at 4x4 and 6x6 square, and some other random sizes not available at regular chain stores who deal mostly in Square boxes, ours are Long Rectangles.

These are for PICK-UP Only, we do not ship boxes, these are for Local Folks who may need a few boxes of this and that for a special mailing, if you need 50 boxes of something forget it.

We have Neutral White and Yellow Kraft Padded Envelopes too, many sizes.

Corrugated Boxes, all sizes Corrugated Boxes, Long and Short
Corrugated Boxes 4x4Corrugated Boxes 6x6

Corrugated Boxes, Brown, 4" x 4" by random Lengths up to 74" , These are for Local PICKUP Only. Lengths available are; 4x4x4 6x4x4 8x4x4 ....

Corrugated Boxes, 6x6 x Random lengths, for Local PICKUP Only , 6x6x6 12x6x6 24x6x6 36x6x6 48x6x6 72x6x6



Boxes, Odd Sizes, Corrugated Padded Envelopes for Shipping
Odd Size BoxesPadded Envelopes

Corrugated Boxes for Shipping, Brown, for Local PICKUP ONLY 12x12x48 12x12x36 24x24x6 5x5x5 9x6x3 8x8x4

Shipping Envelopes, Padded, White Poly or KRAFT Yellow, many sizes, for Local PICKUP ONLY KRAFT; 6x4 7x6 10x10 POLY; 6x4 8x6 10x8 12x10 14x20



 The address to get them is; 5000 Lake Worth Rd, UNIT 508, Greenacres FL 33463