Solar Remote Override Motor Kit

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DOOYA Solar Remote Override Roll Shutter Motor Kit, Type 5, includes the 60MM & 70MM Crowns & Drives, Bracket, 5 Channel Emitter, and Solar Panel kit. Bi-Directional.

DM45DM, 50Nm, 12 rpm, 12V, 60Hz, 142W, 11.80A, IP44, 150lbs - 246 lbs

** Note about Buying a Tubular Motor from us; All our Manual Override type motors, use a HEX SHAFT for the Motor Gear connection to the Universal Pivot, if you have a Square Shaft you'll need to replace the Universal Pivot or use our Square to Hex Coupling Adaptor.


Also Available in 30Nm size. Please Call.

3 Year Manufacturer Warranty.


Features of our brand new DOOYA Solar Motors include:
  • 50 Nm remote override, offering a secondary manual means of operation if a power failure occurs.
  • Solar panel charges the Lithium-ion Battery (rechargeable)
  • Wall charging option via Micro USB
  • Simple twist connection to attach/detach motor from solar panel to allow for easy charging, if ever necessary
  • 8’ motor cable allows for convenient Solar Panel placement
  • No need for expensive electrical components and installation which makes it great for upper floors and hard to reach openings


Along with our new solar motors, we also offer a Wifi Smart Hub that goes hand-in-hand with these motors!

*Weight Capacity decreases as the height increases. 


Please call Customer service at 561-255-1102 for help ordering the correct motor if unsure.

Please have your Make & model number handy, and know what size tube or sleeve you have (58mm Hex, 60mm/70mm Round/Hex, 94mm, 100mm).


**Note about installing Tubular Motors;


If you are testing a tubular motor for electrical current or trying to set the limit switch, you must do it in the tube (or a test tube) as the Crown & Drive Must Spin Together, or the motor will not reset itself, or the motor may not shut off, or the limit switch will not stay in the same position!!!!!


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