T-Handle Shutter Lock Kit
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T-Handle Shutter Lock Kit

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T-Handle Accordion Shutter Lock Kit for Centerfold Hurricane Shutters, OEM Replacement, for Repair,... 

5 Colors to choose from: White, Ivory, Beige, Bronze, Chrome

This is what you get per T-Handle Shutter Lock kit;
Locking Metal T Handle; 1
Keys; 2  (all T-Handle keys have same number on each order).
Stem Nuts; 2
Metal Lock Lever (Cam); 1
Plastic Guard; 1
Square Lock Plate (Keeper); 1
Lock Plate Screw; 1

Hurricane Shutter Hardware - Accordion Shutter T-Handle Lock Kit
It has a 3" long handle. The mounting hole spacing is 1 1/2" OC.

*You cannot change lock types, if you have a T-Handle lock you cannot switch to an L-Handle Lock or HV Lock (for example), you must stay with a T-Handle as all other types will not fit.

This kit does not come with written instructions, match the new parts to the old lock before taking it off.

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