Track Bolt Alignment Strap, anti-chatter
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Track Bolt Slide Strap

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Anti-Chattering and/or Track Bolt Alignment Strap, for All Types of Storm Panels, 25 foot roll, New, White

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Hurricane Storm Panel Track Chatter Strap, and Bolt Aligner for studless F-track systems. This Heavy Duty Vinyl strapping strip has 1/4" holes every 6" to fit over your track bolts and stop the chattering of storm panels in high winds, and are also used for Studless Tracks where you insert your track bolts in the strap holes, then thread the whole thing onto the track for easy inserting and alignment to the storm panels holes. Can be used for Aluminum, Galvanized Steel, Clear Polycarbonate, Tin,...


Prevents metal to metal contact and wear. Muffles sound and Stops the Rattling. Can also be used for Anchor or Stud Systems Without a Track, to prevent panel edges from scraping and scratching the Stucco or painted finish of your house. 

Universal, it can be used for Flat or Ribbed storm panels, and/or studded tracks or studless F-tracks with or without any Build Out Angles. Can also be used for 12" hole spacing. See Pics.


25' Roll x 1" wide x 1/16" thick, White Only. Cut it to size with your razor knife or industrial scissors.


25 feet is enough to do seven 3 foot windows, or 2 small Storefront Display windows. This strap can be used on homes, businesses, sheds, or anywhere you have removable panels. 

See the Manufacturer Installation video here;

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This Storm Panel Strap also comes pre drilled in 2 other sizes, 6.25" and 6.5" bolt spacing, contact us if you need these sizes,... 6" is the most popular size but please check your measurements to be sure!

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