Trailer Plate for Camelback Brackets
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Trailer Plate for Awning Bracket

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Trailer Mounting Plate for Awnings, Holdown Bracket, 2" x 2", attaches to your wall, RV, Trailer, or Mobile Home, as a mounting plate for a Closed Awning. White Only.

This item comes with Washered Wingnuts for each Trailer Plate ordered, It is 1/4-20 thread size by 3/4" flange.

This plate mounts on the wall, there's usually an L-Bracket or Z-Bracket with a small hole in it attached to the side of the awning/shutter, which when closed lines up with the trailer plate screw, and the wing nut will fit over both to hold it closed, see last pic of the clip this Trailer Plate will fit into.

There are no mounting screws, you get the plate and wingnut only, not the clip.




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