Tubular Shutter Motor Testing Services
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Tubular Motor Testing Service

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Roll Shutter Tubular Motor Testing Services, Bench test your 45mm or 59mm 110-120V (35" long max) Tube Motor, set the Limit Switches Before you hang it, test the remote controller, check current and/or polarity, identify foreign colored wired motors, heat overload, and more. Test it in an actual installation simulated condition.

We have a Custom Portable Hand Made Jig that holds a 60mm Hex and/or a 70mm Hex Tube for proper horizontal holding of the motor, for Electrical Testing of Up and Down, and more, for a 3 or 4 wire motor,... for all 4 type motors: Standard, Standard w/Override, Remote Standard, Remote w/Override

This is Not A Repair Service, we do not open the motor or replace any internal components.

***Bring the Motor, Motor Bracket, Crown, Drive Gear, and Remote Control. 
Our Portable Motor Tester has many Motor Bracket, Crown, & Drive Attachments to hold most All Brand Motors, but not all, and So Bring Everything to be sure you can test it all in the device, here at the office.

$10 testing fee is Credited toward the purchase of a new motor (if your old one died), and then use it to set the new one!

*As you know (or may not), when you power the motor outside the tube you upset the limit switch positions and they must be reset after reinstalling it, a pain to reset if you let it go more than a few seconds, this happens because the crown and drive Must spin together for the limit switches to stay in position,... when the motor is outside the tube and powered only the gear will turn not the crown. 

*This testing machine is not for sale or rental off property, sorry

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