Universal for Roll Shutter Hand Cranks
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Universal Pivot 45 degree

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Universal Pivot for Roll Shutters, 45 Degree Head, mates to a standard Crank Handle Pole Bell and to the Manual Gear or Override Motor. Also called a Cardan Joint.

Choose Exterior or Interior, Choose Hex or Square Drive.

Includes a New Bullet!!!. Universal Pivot is Nickel Plated / Stainless Steel

Double Pivoted, one pivot on the bullet side and one on the shaft side for easier aligning and universal replacement regardless of mounting hole location in hood.


Exterior style has 2 Mounting Holes, Base is 7/8"W x 3-3/8"L, Holes are 2-7/8" OC.

Interior style has 4 Mounting Holes, Base is 1 5/8"W x 3-3/8"L, Holes are 2-7/8" OC long and 1-1/4" OC wide.

*Depending on your particular installation, you may have it vise-versa with 2 holes interior, always replace with the exact mounting hole type you have regardless.


The Drive Shaft is 18 inches long on every model. You cut it to match your length with a hacksaw.


HEX SHAFT: 7MM (6 sided) - 1/4"


*Universal Pivot does not mean it is Universal to fit all styles and models, the word Universal in this context means its the type of Pivot,... Universal meaning the Pivot will spin in any angle direction.

*Universal Pivots Break for 3 reasons, see if one of these things may be the cause;

1. Your Gear is broken too, trying to force crank it broke the Universal Pivot.

2. Your rolling door is Jammed, maybe there is an obstruction or the slat hanger is broken.

3. Cranking Position; someone keeps cranking the 45 degree pivot in a 90 degree position,.. the angle of the mounted head should be the angle of the crank pole for the least amount of strain on the pivot. 



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